Who is my Home Inspector?

One of the great things about Triad Property Inspections is that every home inspection, every phone call, email and report is handled by just one person, our home inspector, Jimmy Holtzman. 

So, who is this Jimmy Holtzman character?

I'm also really good at carrying things to and from the pool.  Why do we need all of this stuff?   Dunno, most of it's not mine

Jimmy grew up right here in the Triad and moved back after some time away because ' once you travel around a bit you realize that we've got it pretty good here in the Triad.'  Jimmy worked in real estate for about 17 years before migrating to the home inspection business. While he is a home inspector and enjoys his job, that's not the whole story.    We'll let him tell it.

" I enjoy working as a home inspector. It gives me a chance to travel the area to places I might not normally go and I get to see a lot of things that most people don't get to see. I also get to meet lots of folks at a really exciting time in their life. The y're moving, buying their first home, upsizing, downsizing . . . I always tell folks that apologize for the boxes and clutter that 'by the time I show up, people are in the middle of some serious changes and that's the way it looks. That or it's empty.' Being a home inspector is great, but it's only one of the things that I do. I'm also a dad to two great kids, I play sports, run and workout (great for difficult attics) and I LOVE the water. Summer days off the job are spent at the pool and I never pass up the chance to spend time at the lake or beach. When I'm not inspecting and can't get to the water, you can find me cheering and coaching my kids at their sporting events, catching up on yard work or relaxing with friends.  I also like to add that I'm pretty handy with a frisbee, I started playing Ultimate in college and have been a part of  2 national titles and 3 world championships.  Around the house, we've also got about 2.5 dogs (the really tiny one is not a whole dog) and 6 chickens.  

That's your home inspector everybody. We let Jimmy create this blog to update you on what's going on. Some of it is inspector stuff and some of it is just Jimmy being Jimmy. Really, it's about the only part of this website that we let him touch.