Moisture Mitigation Installations

Crawlspace Encapsulation is a buzz word. As a contractor and home inspector I am often asked the question, "Should I encapsulate my crawlspace?" Always, I answer, "Maybe, maybe not. There might be a better way." In fact, sealing or encapsulating your crawlspace may require modification or replacement of your heating system. And encapsulation is expensive. Very Expensive. Every home is different and the solutions for each home will vary. We offer a number of installations that can be used alone or in tandem with one another to reduce your crawlspace moisture conditions and stay within your budget.

Elevated moisture conditions in a crawlspace can affect the air quality in your home and lower the operating efficiency of your HVAC system, resulting in higher energy bills. I ABSOLUTELY recommend that homeowners take steps to reduce humidity conditions in their crawlspace but 'encapsulation' isn't always the right answer. What is?

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There is no singlular solution to crawlspace moisture issues and reducing humidity in the crawlspace usually requires a combination of techniques working together, in tandem. Let's take a look.

These are our main methods of controlling crawlspace moisture. Of course the installation of a sump pump may be recommended in tandem with any variety of vapor retarder installation. Additionally, sealed and encapsulated crawlspaces require the installation of at least one of 5 approved methods of mechanical drying capability set forth by the NC Building Code. The important information here is that dehumdifiers are not required. They are a brute force solution that does not utilize the most recent building science. There may be better, LESS expensive options for your home.