Got Some Questions about Home Inspections?

Home Inspector Joe is GREAT! Is that what you do?  No.  Check this out!   Especially #10! All of my clients are grateful for #10. A home inspection in North Carolina is defined as a 'limited, visual inspection.' I can't open your walls or tear out your sink. I do my very best to leave no trace that I was ever there, except the photos and the report. And I won't fix the things that I find wrong. In fact, in NC, a home inspector is prohibited from performing repairs on a home that they have inspected for 48 months. This standard is in place to protect you, the customer.

What is a Home Inspection?  A home inspection is a rigorous visual inspection of the structure for defects that affect the safety or function of the home or any of it's systems or components. We examine all of the systems of your home, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, roof and foundation and we'll go places you don't want to go. Far corner of the crawl space? We'll get there. Deepest recesses of the attic? We're gonna get there too. 

What Happens if My Home Fails the Inspection?       This actually never happens.  Inspections are not "Pass/Fail" tests. Within 24 hours of the inspection we will deliver a comprehensive report on your home. We'll detail every defect we've found, explain the implications and point you in the right direction so you can go about getting it taken care of. If the home inspection is part of a real estate transaction, that report is your best piece of negotiating power, giving you a list of items that need to be addressed before you invest in the property. Your home inspection gives you 100% confidence in the condition of the home before you go to closing.

I'm thinking of selling my home, should I get it inspected first? Having your home inspected prior to listing brings a few advantages. First and foremost, if any defects are discovered, you often have more time to 'shop around' and get the repairs done on a more relaxed timeline. Contractors often know when they're repairing homes for sale and are aware that sellers are up against the wall. The extra time can allow you to budget for repairs.  A pre listing inspection may also offer some peace of mind to buyers and their agents before they make an offer on your home. They will  likely still hire their own inspector before closing but knowing that a licensed inspector has already been through the home will provide them with some confidence in the condition of the home before they make an offer.

What is Radon and why would I test for it?    Here!      Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that originates in the ground and can leak into and get trapped inside of buildings. It is colorless and odorless and is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. Increased Radon gas levels inside of a structure should be corrected with Radon mitigation techniques (venting, fans).

Should I get my home inspected if I already own it?  Yes! If you've been living in your home for years, there are probably deep corners of the structure that you haven't been to in a while (ever!). And there may be little 'quirks' about your home that you've learned to live with that are signs of a deeper underlying problem. Homes age and undergo wear and tear that can break down components. Finding them early allows you to address them before they become issues and before they cause any more damage to the home.

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What is an "11th Month Warranty Inspection"? 11th Month Warranty Inspections are useful for buyers of newly built homes. Many builders offer a 12 month warranty on new homes. An 11th Month Warranty Inspection allows you to identify any possible defects before you become financially responsible for them.

Who will see the inspection report?  You and anyone that you want to show it to. At Triad Property Inspections we are beholden to you and your home. We don't work for real estate agents or mortgage lenders. You hire us and we work for you. Our responsibility is simple: Inspect the home and deliver the report to the customer. You own the report and can share it with anyone you want to. We'll forward it to your agent as well, with your permission.  View a sample inspection report here. 

What if I have a question about the report?  Easy, Call ME! We keep your report on file so you can call us and ask us about it. I examined your home. I braved spiders and snakes, crawled around the attic and crawlspace and probably got splinters. I will be happy to tell you what we found and help you understand it.

How should I prepare for a home inspection?  Here are some tips.  Home inspections require the inspector to try to evaluate the condition of the home. The entire home. Any thing that you can do to help the inspector access all of the areas of the home are appreciated. Remember, we need to get into the attic and crawl space, open and close windows and doors, take the cover off of the electric panel and more. Empty homes are a dream for a home inspector! Sometimes that's not realistic. Do the best you can and maybe be willing to help that inspector move that box or desk so they can get into the attic. 

Do I need to be at the home inspection?  Nope.  No one want's anyone looking over their shoulder when they're trying to do their job but this is going to be YOUR HOME and you have questions, right? We know. And we want to give them to you. You will receive a report with photos and explanations of our findings. You can call us anytime with any question about the report. And we encourage buyers to come join us at the end of the inspection so that we can go over any major findings and point them out to you on site. A typical home inspection takes about 2-3 hours at the home. You don't want to sit there the whole time, we'll work with you to schedule the inspection so that you can show up towards the end. 

Do you inspect crawl spaces?  You bet! Tip to tail I like to say. I'm going to check out every nook and cranny I can get myself into. Crawl spaces are an incredibly important part of a home inspection. I'm going in to get a look at what's going on and I NEVER charge extra for crawl spaces.  No matter what?  No. If there's standing water or any signs of loose wiring, that's a safety risk and I will document that and have to come back another time. In my first 300 inspections there has been one crawl space that I had to decline. Ask me about it!